Reading for NewCommMedia

Here is a list of the essential reading for NewCommMedia.


1.  New Media, Old Media ReadingChaffee, Steven H., and Metzger, Miriam. (2001) “The End of Mass Communication?” Mass Communication & Society.

Available online:  http://

Pages 365 – 372

Flew, T. (2008), ‘Introduction to new media’, in New Media. An Introduction, third edition, Oxford University Press: South Melbourne, pp.1-20.


2. ConvergenceReading:Pavlik, John, and Shawn McIntosh. (2005) “Convergence and Its Consequences.” Living in the Information Age: A New Media  Reader. Ed. Erick P. Bucy. 2 ed. Belmont CA: Wadsworth, 67-73.

Remediation. Bolter, J and Grusin, R.


3. History of Networks and the InternetCastells, Manuel. (2010)  Globalisation, networking, urbanisation: reflections on the spatial dynamics of the information age.  Urban Studies, Nov 15, 2010, Vol.47(13), p.2737(9)

Castells, M. (2000) Materials for an exploratory theory of the network society.

Evens, A. (2009) ‘Dreams of a New Medium’ Fibreculture 14.


4.  Film In The Digital Age Reading:Anderson, Chris. (2004) “The Long Tail.” Wired Magazine, pp. 1 – 5.

5.  TelevisionReading:Lowry, B. TV Viewers turn on, tune out. Variety 5 Sept. 2011.
Academic OneFile.

Michael Kackman Marnie Binfield; Matthew Thomas Payne; Allison Perlman; Bryan Sebok, 2010, Flow TV Television in the Age of Media Convergence. Online Library Access.


6. Copyrights and wrongs


Fitzgerald, B. 2008. Copyright 2010: the future of copyright. European Intellectual Property Review, April 2008. Accessed at: <>

Wilson, J. 2009. The Digital Deadlock. AFTRS. Accessed at <;



7. Social Media


Boyd, D. (2011) ‘Dear Voyeur, meet Flaneur… Sincerely, Social Media’. Surveillance & Society (8)4:505-507.

8.  The Digital Divide/Digital Literacy Reading:Miles, A. (2007) ‘Network Literacy: New Paths to Knowledge’ Screen Education, Autumn 45: 24-30.


9. Networked Media, or Where did the Audience Go?  Reading:Jenkins, Henry (2002). “Interactive Audiences?: The ‘Collective Intelligence’ of Media Fans.” The New Media Book. Ed. Dan Harries. London: British Film Institute, 157-170
10.  Mobile platforms/The Second Screen
Belam, Martin. 2012. The second screen experience: mobiles, tablets and TVs.
11.  Search

van Dijck, Jose. 2010. Search engines and the production of academic knowledge. International Journal of Cultural Studies.

12.  Where Next?Wilkens, R. (2005) ‘From Stabilitas Loci to Mobilitas Loci: Networked Mobility and the Transformation of Place.’ Fibreculture 6.


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